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Why does your organisation need to have a web presence?

As a business or organisation the internet provides access to customers beyond your geographic area. You can engage with and sell your products and services directly online or provide them with information if they are planning to visit or holiday in your area.

Marketing via the internet is more cost effective than physical, traditional advertising methods such as flyers and magazines, and has the potential to reach a far wider audience. You can also update your customers with news, special offers and information far quicker than any other method of communication.

Whatever the size of your organisation, having an attractive and engaging presence on the internet can increase your customer base with minimum impact on your business running costs.

Here are some reasons why businesses without an online presence are missing out on potential customers:

Compete with the big companies
Online small businesses or organisations can access much of the same services as large corporations. They too can use auto-responders; accept online payments and even deliver products over the Internet.

Raising Your Profile
With a professionally designed web site, it’s now easy for a small business on the Internet to have the appearance and credibility of being a large corporation.

Low Cost Marketing
Compared to other media, the Internet enables a business to advertise at considerably lower prices. It should not be seen as a replacement for other marketing, but the Internet is generally cheaper than advertising on television, radio, or in newspapers, magazines and even by direct mail.

Open 24/7
By automating a web site, a business can be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even if you are not. No extra staff costs and no overtime rates to pay!

Online Selling is on the increase
The Office for National Statistics provided figures in December 2013 that show that internet sales, seasonally adjusted, increased by 11.8 percent compared with 2012. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) survey showed that nearly 1 in 5 non-food items were bought online in December 2013. The Centre for Retail Research predict that by 2018 online retail sales across the year will increase from their current 12.7 percent of the market to 21.5 percent.

Serving Your Community
Using the Internet is a quick and easy way for people to access information about products and services from the comfort, convenience and privacy of their own home. No fuel costs, no traffic jams … and no rainy days.

Quick to respond and develop
The Internet is dynamic. For example businesses can provide:
•Automatic product updates.
•Automatic web site content and image changing.
•Engage through Video.

These and other Internet service can save money and increase business efficiency. They can also open the door to exciting new marketing opportunities.

Promotions and Offers
It is easy to quickly change promotions or offers on the Internet. Emails can be sent out or a website offer changed almost instantly. Time sensitive promotions such as running contests, or product specials can be a good way to attract traffic and sales to an online business.

For those who haven’t developed a web site for their business yet, now could be a good time to start. Local competitors may already have one.

And remember; it’s now much easier for almost any business to tap into almost any market, from almost any geographical location.