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Search Engine Optimisation

Is essentially about gettJigsaw puzzle image of web search engine logosing free traffic to your site from Google by appearing at the top of searches relevant to your business. It is not about replacing your marketing strategy.

It’s about KEYWORDS and LINKS.
It is about being MOBILE FRIENDLY.

Search engine optimisation is about a web page being relevant enough for a query, and being trusted enough to rank. There are tips and tricks to move your webpage up the ranking list of the major search engines, but you need to see the long game. SEO increasingly looks at people power, in the same way that businesses grow by reputation, websites grow organically through referrals and links from Social Media and other websites.

So why do you need someone to help with SEO? Well, there are ways that you can structure your website to make it more friendly to search engine robots. By using key words and descriptions to clearly define your site’s content making it easier for the search engines to categorise, and by helping to market your site via Social Media to increase your Social standing.

We make sure that our sites are all Search Engine friendly, with correct and appropriate data tagging. We look to integrate your Social Media offerings into your site, and encourage visitors to recommend your pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

We use Google Analytics to enable you to review your site visitors and see where they are from and where you are being linked into.